Royal Enfield Mini bullet-200

14bike5.jpgAfter the production of Enfield was stopped in England in 1971, its Indian counterpart (now Royal Enfield) started manufacturing Mini Bullet from 1973. It was first named Enfield 200 but later the name was changed to Mini Bullet 200 as a marketing strategy.

Mini bullet was developed as an advanced version of 173cc Villiers powered Crusader and was a first choice of racing enthusiasts. It also carried various generic British and Bullet 350 parts which itself defines the heritage of this ultimate 200cc machine.

Now the time has come where it is very rare to spot any Mini Bullet and if you will search for them, you may find a few units dumped away and covered in a coat of rust.

Mini Bullet represents the history of the company ‘Royal Enfield’, its survival and development of the Enfield brand in India. Enfield is also the oldest motorcycle production company in the world.

Mini Bullet 200cc specifications at the time of production were:

Engine: Villers type 25 Carb, 2 stroke 197cc motor


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