Yamaha DS 6

Now with race-derived engine and a full duplex frame, these machines finally had the handling to match their prodigious performance. Engines are the same castings as used on the TD2 race machines, and a great many road bikes were converted into all out race bikes.

Now producing a full 30 B.H.P, and weighing considerably less than the Honda CB250 producing similar power, this was now the class leader as far as performance goes. At this point Honda pretty much gave up trying to compete as later CB 250’s had their power reduced to make them more suitable as a commuter machine, and changes in the law generally across Europe and the U.K spelt the beginning of the end for the hitherto lucrative 250cc sports bike market. The last truly high performance two stroke 250 was the Suzuki X7 giving up 33 BHP


Model: Yamaha DS 6
Year: 1970
Category: Classic
Rating: 61.8 out of 100.
Engine and transmission
246.00 ccm (15.01 cubic inches)
Engine type: Twin, two-stroke
Power: 28.00  @ 7250
Top speed: 146.0 km/h (90.7 mph)
56.0 x 50.0 mm (2.2 x 2.0 inches)
Fuel control: Port control
Cooling system: Air
Gearbox: 5-speed
Transmission type,
final drive:
Chassis, suspension, brakes and wheels
Front tyre: 3.00-18
Rear tyre: 3.25-18
Front brakes: Expanding brake
Rear brakes: Expanding brake
Physical measures and capacities
Weight incl. oil, gas, etc: 145.0 kg (319.7 pounds)
Fuel capacity: 11.00 litres (2.91 gallons)



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