5 stroke concept engine (.5 times efficient than 4 stroke)

  The engine concept, which was invented by Gerhard Schmitz, has been developed by Ilmor into a working engine using a rapid prototype cast cylinder head, a machined from solid cylinder block and separate electrically powered oil and water pumps. Two overhead camshafts operate the conventional coil spring valve gear with the HP camshaft running at 0.5 x crank speed and the LP camshaft running … Continue reading 5 stroke concept engine (.5 times efficient than 4 stroke)

Koenigsegg Free valve engine ( no camshaft)

An internal combustion engine needs a few things to work. One of those parts that makes an engine do its thing is a piece called the camshaft. This helps control the timing of the intake and exhaust valves that sit at the top of the engine. Koenigsegg is setting out to revamp anything it can related to how a car works and performs, and one … Continue reading Koenigsegg Free valve engine ( no camshaft)

RD-500 (Devils in throttle )

TheYamaha RD500LCis a high-performance,two-strokesportsmotorcycle, also known as theRZ500in Canada and Australia. A lightened but detuned version known as the RZV500R was developed for the Japanese home market. Styrict United States Environmental Protection Agencyregulations meant that the RZ500 was notavailable for sale in that country. Produced for a short period between 1984and 1986 it has become a sought after collector’s machine.DevelopmentWith the success in the early … Continue reading RD-500 (Devils in throttle )

Bajaj Kawasaki Rtz-100 (From the grave)

Bajaj almost has all the patents on 2 stroke bikes and engines. These rtz is one of decent bike manufactured by bajaj in India.The Kawasaki Bajaj KB 100 had actually revolutionized the entire industry in terms of features and technology. Those who have ridden the Kawasaki KB 100 RTZ will certainly vouch for the stability and control of the motorbike. It was without any doubt ergonomically … Continue reading Bajaj Kawasaki Rtz-100 (From the grave)

Yamaha RX-135 (Meet the tuners 2 stroke)

Hi i’m naveen i’m gonna tell you about the legendary bike which I drove for a week the Yamaha RX 135. It has two types of variants 4-speed and 5-speed ,one goes about 125 kmph when redlined and the other does 140 kmph(stock) . This bike can beat Ninja 300 on 2nd level porting without any doubt. It also a great copatator  for the Suzuki … Continue reading Yamaha RX-135 (Meet the tuners 2 stroke)