Future 2 stroke engine (HCCI-Fi concept)

During our recent visit to Husqvarna, company executives said they have a high-tech two-stroke, likely directly injected, in their near-term product plan. At KTM, a tech-services manager claims that the company has a direct-injection two-stroke under test, essentially ready to go when there’s a need in the marketplace. Other companies drop hints that they’re reevaluating their prior decisions to go 100-percent four-stroke with their dirtbike … Continue reading Future 2 stroke engine (HCCI-Fi concept)

Honda’s FI-Two stroke engine

Two-strokes are far simpler machines than four-stroke engines. They’re also lighter, easier to work on, and downright angrier, pumping out a lot more power per cubic centimeter of displacement, which has won them a lot of fans. But they’ve had a reputation for belching out a fair bit of smoke and unburned fuel, a situation that just couldn’t fly alongside tightening emissions regulations around the … Continue reading Honda’s FI-Two stroke engine

Lanchester Twin crank concept

A contra-rotating twin crankshaft system for internal combustion engines. Two crankshafts are arranged in parallel, and are connected together to rotate in opposite directions. At least one piston is spaced from the crankshafts. Connecting rod assemblies extend in a crossed relationship from each crankshaft to two spaced wrist pins at the piston. Preferably, one connecting rod assembly is made up of two spaced connecting rods … Continue reading Lanchester Twin crank concept

5 stroke concept engine (.5 times efficient than 4 stroke)

  The engine concept, which was invented by Gerhard Schmitz, has been developed by Ilmor into a working engine using a rapid prototype cast cylinder head, a machined from solid cylinder block and separate electrically powered oil and water pumps. Two overhead camshafts operate the conventional coil spring valve gear with the HP camshaft running at 0.5 x crank speed and the LP camshaft running … Continue reading 5 stroke concept engine (.5 times efficient than 4 stroke)

Koenigsegg Free valve engine ( no camshaft)

An internal combustion engine needs a few things to work. One of those parts that makes an engine do its thing is a piece called the camshaft. This helps control the timing of the intake and exhaust valves that sit at the top of the engine. Koenigsegg is setting out to revamp anything it can related to how a car works and performs, and one … Continue reading Koenigsegg Free valve engine ( no camshaft)