Bajaj Kawasaki Rtz-100 (From the grave)

Bajaj almost has all the patents on 2 stroke bikes and engines. These rtz is one of decent bike manufactured by bajaj in India.The Kawasaki Bajaj KB 100 had actually revolutionized the entire industry in terms of features and technology. Those who have ridden the Kawasaki KB 100 RTZ will certainly vouch for the stability and control of the motorbike. It was without any doubt ergonomically … Continue reading Bajaj Kawasaki Rtz-100 (From the grave)

Yamaha RX-135 (Meet the tuners 2 stroke)

Hi i’m naveen i’m gonna tell you about the legendary bike which I drove for a week the Yamaha RX 135. It has two types of variants 4-speed and 5-speed ,one goes about 125 kmph when redlined and the other does 140 kmph(stock) . This bike can beat Ninja 300 on 2nd level porting without any doubt. It also a great copatator  for the Suzuki … Continue reading Yamaha RX-135 (Meet the tuners 2 stroke)

Royal Enfield Mini bullet-200

After the production of Enfield was stopped in England in 1971, its Indian counterpart (now Royal Enfield) started manufacturing Mini Bullet from 1973. It was first named Enfield 200 but later the name was changed to Mini Bullet 200 as a marketing strategy. Mini bullet was developed as an advanced version of 173cc Villiers powered Crusader and was a first choice of racing enthusiasts. It … Continue reading Royal Enfield Mini bullet-200

Bike under red sky

Jawa Yezdi 250/ Roadking

The Yezdi Roadking was manufactured in India under Ideal Jawa Ltd. Mysore from 1978 till 1996. Earlier when the factory had opened its doors in 1960, it was the Jawa motorcycles that were being assembled and sold under licence from the Jawa Company in Czechoslovakia. If a layman were asked about these rugged motorcycles, pat would come the reply that these were the smoky Czech … Continue reading Jawa Yezdi 250/ Roadking

Yamaha RD-350 (the beast)

Yamaha RD350 – Rapid Death – A perfect and pioneer in history of racing in India   Yamaha RD350 Variants – Low torque and High torque  The RD was produced from 1983 to 1990 in India. The first edition was called HT (high torque) edition which produced 31 bhp of power. A few sets of RDs were given to the Indian Traffic Police to help … Continue reading Yamaha RD-350 (the beast)